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Armless Tufted Chair

$1851 (as shown)

Finished in a soft antique gold, this elegant and comfortable chair finds itself at home in the living or at the dining table.

COM: 3.6 yards

In store and available to order.

h.32.5" x w.26" x d.26.75"


Modern Classic Accent Chair

 $2112.50 (as shown)

Based on a British relic, this modern classic accent chair of vintage steel employs time-honoured techniques of lost wax casting, sand casting and wrought iron. From the hand carved wax to hand polishing and finishing, these processes take time and great care to meet meticulous standards.

Available to order.

h.37" x w.24.5" x d.28.5"


Hairy Cowhide Lounger

$2349 (as shown)

White hair on hide? Yep.

Finish: Black Iron

COM: 3 yards

In store and available to order.

h.32.5" x w.28.5" x d.35"


Faux Bois Chair


Sticks and stones will break no bones with this sturdy chair, which is as apropos for the garden as it is indoors. Forming this organic nod to the time-honored French art of faux bois is a steel frame covered with concrete. In the classic rustic style, the outer lines of this chair are sculpted to look like tree branches.

In store and available to order.

h.39" x w.28"x d.31"


Leather Cigar Chair


The worn leather appearance of the chair adds to its character. Slight variations in the leather may occur do to the nature of the hide.

In store and available to order.

h.48" x w.35" x d.38"

Parisienne Cafe Chair 


Beautiful Parisienne style cafe dining chair crafted in limed grey oak.

In store and available to order.

h.35" x w.19.5" x d.20"

Industry Bench


Wrought iron welded bench with linen upholstered cushion.

In store and available to order.

h.25.5" x w.61" x d.17"

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