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Easy Care Italian Sheeting

$88 - $399

Superior Italian made, easy care linens with hemstitched detail in classic white or ivory.

Samples in store. Available to order.

These are the same sheets featured at The Rooms Up There. Guests have been freaking out for this bedding and have been known to come into the shop and simply order "the bed".


500 TC Italian Jaquard

 $126 - $1305

Enchant your interior design with Italian Jaquard. This magical collection of duvet covers and assorted shams takes its impressive detailing from the beauty of intricate lacework and its 500 thread count sateen jacquard is made of the finest 100% Egyptian cotton. This is a collection for an exceptional home.

Samples in store. Available to order.


Towels to Die for

$8 - $84

The plushest towels...EVER! A luxurious choice for the master bathroom, but don't be greedy, put them in every bathroom. The low-twist cotton yarn not only gets softer and fluffier the more you wash it, but it's also high-performing and very absorbent. With a sophisticated dobby border, these incredible towels are available in 10 brilliant shades.

Samples in store. Available to order.

These are the same towels featured at The Rooms Up There. Check the revues - apparently the guests find them noteworthy.


Textured Bath Rug


Available to order in ten colors, this textured cotton rug can easily complement any bath decor.


These are the same mats featured at The Rooms Up There, and are one of our best selling items.

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