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Welcome to Daniel J Moore - Domestic Aspirations. Located in Old Dominion hunt country in bucolic Northern Virginia, we specialize in interior decoration. Our designs bridge the gap between inherent architecture and personal taste—redefining your home using the right styles, textures, patterns and materials.

Our experience and expertise are built on the knowledge we’ve gained from working side by side with the country’s biggest industry leaders. Our design philosophy, meanwhile, is centered in authenticity—creating a beautiful yet functional home that truly fits your lifestyle. All of this can be achieved through a light, minimally invasive process.

“Wouldn’t it be great if…” is a common phrase we hear when first meeting clients and discussing their hopes and wishes for their home. As a full-service boutique design house, we can provide an experienced team of architects and contractors to complete the vision for your home—or we can consult with your own group. So whether you want to redesign one room or restructure your entire home, your daydreams are within reach.

And if you’re ready to indulge your interior dreams, let’s get started.


Our design philosophy makes use of one tool not available in the bona-fides of many other interior designers: restraint.

It is with restraint that Daniel J Moore - Domestic Aspirations artfully creates beautiful and authentic interior landscapes of scale, texture, color, and space. Our restraint takes the form of a light touch that raises your home and the pieces in it to the peak of their appeal—not beyond or beneath that threshold.

We also consider context. Context is one of the most important factors of high-quality design and can be garnered from your home’s inherent architecture, style, or period, and the geographic location, as well as current trends, your taste and our experience.


As an example, consider your favorite retail brand or designer. If you were to purchase several different items from that designer, you can see how the disparate pieces all fit together. That is because, at their core, they deliver the same message. When we look at your home, we consider your brand. How does the interior of your home work as a whole? What do we need to balance in terms of texture, color, and perceived weight? And more than anything, let us help you answer this: What message do you want to send to the guests who enter your home?

In a well-designed home, the responses to all of these questions come together in a cohesive, fresh, and authentic visual interpretation.

This is why our clients return, time and time again, to update their message and refresh their homes using our comprehensive process.

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